Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Music 2013 Larry And His Flask, Gogo Bordello, Nico Vega

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All new releases for 2013 featuring a 30 min block of my latest band addiction Larry And His Flask the high energy incredible five piece band hailing from Redmond, Ore. fusing Folk, Punk, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Soul and Brass band Music also a double shot from the latest Gogol Bordello release "Pura Vida Conspiracy" and 2013 releases from Nico Vega, Deap Vally, Raine Maida, Middle Class Rut, Frank Turner and a special message from Snuggly The Security Bear.


 Larry And His Flask:

Home Of The Slave
By The Lamplight 2013

Land Of The Free
All That We Know 2011

Muffed Thrums
By The Lamplight 2013

My Name Is Cancer
Hobo's Lament 2012

By The Lamplight 2013

By The Lamplight 2013

Flags And Concrete
All That We Know 2011

Justice And Justified
By The Lamplight 2013


Beggars Will Ride
All That We Know 2011

United States Of Surveillance
Mark Fiore Animation 2013


We Rise Again, Lost Innocent World
Pura Vida Conspiracy 2013
Gogol Bordello

End Of The World
Sistronix 2013
Deap Vally

Sing While You Slave
Pick Up Your Head 2013
Middle Class Rut 

Four Simple Words
Tape Deck Heart 2013
Frank Turner

Lead To Light
Fury Oh Fury EP 2013
Nico Vega

We All Get Lighter 2013
Raine Maida 


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I can't wait until the next update!

TruthGuerrilla said...

Please Update Bob We are in dire need of radical music!!!