Friday, October 31, 2014

All Hallows Eve 2014


All NEW Halloween compilation mix about hallows Eve to scare you and make you laugh and think
featuring songs about Monsters, Spiders, The Devil, warewolves, the creepy stuff ending with Death.
Tom Waits, Ramones, The Necro Tonez, Dead Kennedys, 16 Horsepower, The Great Kat, John 5, 
Violent Femmes, Marylin Manson, O' Death, Primus Ramones and more. Incredible Day of the Dead art from David Lozeau.


Also great to play during Halloween partys
                            and candygiving. WARNING: MAY SCARE YOU TO DEATH!

        Playlist by Track, Artist:

1. PDR intro feat Deaf In The Family

2. The Munsters Theme
Man or Astro-Man

3. I Love The Dead
The Necro Tonz

4.Funeral March
The Great Kat

5. Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden


7. Boris The Spider
The Who

8. Halloween
Dead Kennedys

9. The devil went down to Scunthorpe
Toy Dolls

10. PDR Midtro feat Lil Marcey and MDC

11.We Need To Have A Talk About John
John 5

12. Children Of The Grave
Black Sabbath

13. What's He Building In There
Tom Waits

14. Bad Moon Rising
16 Horsepower

15. This Is Halloween
Marylin Manson

16. Pet Semetery

17. Oh Death
Rube Waddel

18. Zombie Racism
Patton Oswalt

19. The Cottails Of A Deadman
Primus (Feat Tom Waits)

20. Origins of Day Of The Dead

21. Hallowed Ground
Violent Femmes

22. Down To Rest
O' Death

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TruthGuerrilla said...

When I saw you posted "All Hallows Eve 2014" I was like "my prayers have been answered..Thanks Bob for this latest edition of PoP dEFECT Radio! You are the man!