Friday, December 05, 2014

Police State

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Arcive PDR 2002  of cop songs mixed with live audio of Santa Cruz police interactions w/me and public in the late 90s

 1. SCPD Azua stopping me walking through beach flats Santa Cruz Ca. 1990's
2. Burglar - POlice
3. Pot bust kid arrested downtown Santa Cruz 1990's
4. No Soy Animal - Aztlan Underground
5. Skidmark Bob and Steve Clark SCPD 1990's
6. Cop Song - Trailer Trash UK
7. You are the Problem - Officer Over SCPD vs Sandy (Sandy Wins) 1990's
8. Down So Long - Over vs Skidmark
9. Sitdown Riots May. 11, 1993 Unlawful Assy Downtown santa Cruz
10. Policestate - Visitor 42
11. Mic break - SB
12.SCPD answer and question period
12. World Full Of Cops - Paleface

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